I’m MaryAnne Nestor and this is my professional space. Within this website you will find my resume and large portfolio of some of my work.

I have a M.Ed. in instructional design with over 9 years experience in instructional design, technology, curriculum development, and teaching. I produce and implement innovative learning experiences and techniques, taking instructional design beyond theory and learning objectives, assisting with great learning experiences using multimedia tools such as Storyline360, Video, Voice-over PowerPoints, the Adobe Creative Suite, and many more. I have an eye for clean, meticulous, well-designed projects. Take a peak at my portfolio:

I have extensive knowledge in learning theories and practices, including ADDIE and Backward Design. I also have practical experience in a diverse set of educational technology tools for interactive and engaging learning environments, using delivery that includes Universal Design and ADA compliance. I’m Quality Matters(QM) certified. In addition, I have submitted six courses for the Blackboard Exemplary Course award, five winning this prestigious award.

Not only do I have experience as an instructional designer, I have experience in the field. I have experience with traditional face-to-face instruction, online instruction, classrooms large and small. I was a teaching mentor for the largest MOOC in the world, Learning How to Learn. In fact, one of my videos is included in the MOOC.

I have experience collaborating with stakeholders in all areas of higher education from faculty, to staff, to pre-service teachers. My projects required collaborating with the library, the teaching and learning center, and the student success center to create and instructional materials and curriculum for a diverse group of audiences. I am an easy going team player; faculty and staff enjoy working with me.

I have 20 years of publishing experience, around 10 years as a preferred vendor for the McGraw-Hill companies, providing compositor and illustration services for textbooks and ancillary materials. I was known at McGraw-Hill for turning in quality work, on time, every time, a tribute to my project management skills. I worked with writers, production teams, illustrators, and graphic designers at McGraw-Hill to compose large textbooks. In addition, my own staff included in-house illustrators, designers, and freelancers.

I am known for applying creativity in my projects with stakeholders, where a one-size-fits-all approach often needs adjusted for the complex needs and results of the situation. My work is also highly creative in design and execution.

I am committed to maintaining and improving my job knowledge through avid reading, attending and participating in conferences, meetings with colleagues and peers, and advanced coursework in the Higher Education Administration degree program.