Course Design

I use screencasting software to showcase some of my instructional design projects.

This fully online course is a required course for the school of journalism. The class enrollment is often a hundred students or more. This short video describes the course.

This is a simple walk-though of a course that met the standards for Blackboard’s Exemplary Course Award program.

Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians, Case study provided real-world exercises that students use as they learn prescriptions required on the exam. This video provides instructions on how to use the case study files in blackboard. This redesign increased, on average, students grades by a letter grade.

This video describes how to navigate the Cuyahoga Community College PreAlgebra MOOC and provides an overview to the course. The MOOC is completely gamified and includes leveling up. This course passed the QM review by 99%.

Before the redesign of this online course, students struggled with what they were supposed to do and how the course fit together. Assignments leveled up using practical real-world assessments. This course passed a QM review at 100%.