It’s Lonely at the Bottom

In the Computer Applications in Education class we are supposed to do a project that other people review. My project has been up for 5 days and no one has reviewed it yet. At first I thought it was because the subject was boring (reviewing software and showing what you know in a certain software program with before and after), but the other person who picked that subject didn’t get a review either.  I made sure I reviewed her project the other day. I deliberately didn’t want to review her project because it was about Word and Excel, and I don’t know either of those programs, but she looked so lonely at the bottom. Plus I know what it is like to have a project no one is interested in but me. It’s not like no one saw my thread. There were eight other views besides mine. So that is eight people that moved on. It shouldn’t bother me, but it does. I worked so hard on it.

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