Technolgoy Debate

I learned from the technology debate in my Computer Applications Class that teachers from this course are very passionate about technology in the classroom. Our debate was over an ambitious teacher, Kristen, who received a technology grant and now needed to get other teachers excited about using technology in the classroom. In this debate, you will choose a side and make arguments for and against the widespread implementation of technology in the classroom. Should the other teachers join Kristen in implementing widespread use of technology in their classroom?

I was on the con side. Normally I would appreciate being on the con side of technology but I felt that Kristen should have got the teachers on board before she applied for the grant. The sad thing is that most of those teachers who think it is a waste of their time won’t even hear what Kristen has to say.

Plenty of hot debating in this issue. I didn’t respond as much as I might have if I were a teacher in K-12. However I did read what everyone had to say. I did perceive that people were often uncomfortable with the side they were on and were apologetic for their hot disputes.

I don’t know how you could have improved this discussion other than let people choose sides. However, everyone in this class probably would have been “pro” and then there would not have been a debate.

I copied some articles. I’m weird. I love reading the journals.

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