Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge or TPACK

In my Computer Applications class we discussed TPACK or Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge. Our discussion centered on what would professional development for teachers look like if it was structured to align with the TPACK framework? It is a pretty simple theory that pedagogy has to align with content, technology and knowledge. I read the article and I was blown away. None of the other articles I’ve read talked about technology in the context of a blend with knowledge and content. However, I also had to agree with Denise Ward that a good teacher uses TPACK without really thinking about it…at least as well as she can within the confines of her school.

Again, since I’m not a teacher, I’m didn’t have much in specific examples. However, I loved this article so much that I called checked out the Michigan State web site and emailed Punya.

I thought the TPACK article was a pretty cool article. But it makes me wonder if I have a place in Instructional Technology? But surely every teacher can’t get a master’s degree in Instructional technology to integrate 21st century skills. Am I learning enough theory to be helpful?

This discussion aligned with a professional development project I was doing in another class. Although I think it is wise not to get wrapped around specific technologies, some technologies would be daunting without some expert help. So, although I agree in theory with the authors, I think someone would need to be around with some practical experience so that the teacher isn’t too overwhelmed.

I found this tip from Theresa Mackanos helpful, “We have a teacher at our high school that posts every one of his lessons via video / podcasts. He shows his examples. Actually, if his kids are absent for a day, they can actually go to their class on his blog site and see the lesson they missed. The kids who are motivated even go ahead as they can go into his history and view lessons from last year to see what the next lesson is.”

The only negative I see in a discussion of this kind is that it is specific to teachers, so answering the threads is a little difficult to fit in. However, fit in or no, I still get a lot out of the discussions.

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