What is Multimedia?

Multimedia is a “smart” presentation that is not stagnant but adapts intelligently to the user. Multimedia is compelling  and  often incorporates social networking to connect users to each other. And we need to use it in the classroom because kids need to be producers rather than consumers. Technology and multimedia is the new norm; therefore, users should use their cognitive skills multimedia rather than static content, like research papers.

I really got an ahhh moment when Dr. Dalton discussed the research paper. He is so right. Why in the world do we make student’s write so many of them? It’s not (likely) they will be writing a lot of research papers and essays in their future. What they will have to do in their future is make multimedia in their careers and their social activities. To me, that is huge.

On a lesser note, I also found the remark that Sesame Street reduced the ability for kids to pay attention longer with less fun stimuli interesting. Our family hasn’t watched traditional television in about 15 years. My daughter never watched Sesame Street, Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, or any of the other entertainment on TV, but instead had movies on DVDs. At 17, she now has the ability to watch YouTube videos, internet TV, iTunes Movies, etc. basically at her discretion. However, it is interesting to me that she chooses not to (which of course, is why she can at her discretion). I always thought that was because she was never in the habit to watch television. I never thought that it might be the KIND of television and the “chunking of learning.” hummmm…… Perhaps she is able to be focused for longer periods of time on other things and so the TV isn’t calling her name so to speak.

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