Thought Process, Week Two

In designing a course there are two big questions. Last week I talked about big question number one which was “What is the goal of the project and how wil the project meet the goals of the organization? or What really matters and what about my course will accomplish what matters.” The goal of the course is to help educators utilize 21st Century skills and technologies in the classroom.

This post is about big question number two.

What is the learning objective and how does the learning objective change the learner?

In other words, what is the end result for the learner and what learning object do I design to accomplish that objective.

The end result is for the educator-student to build a website that will serve as a portal to their virtual classroom.

  1. Within this website the educator-student will incorporate a teacher’s section for passing along information to parents. This section will include a blog and a class calendar.
  2. The website will incorporate a student blog and the student will know the importance and advantages of using blogging for reflective learning.
  3. The website will include an “about me” page. The educator-student will create a podcast for the about me page. The educator-student will learn about uploading photos to the website by uploading their photo to the about me page.
  4. The educator-student will create and link a wiki to the website. The educator-student will learn about collective learning and uses for wikis in the classroom.
  5. The student will know how to develop the website with accessible features.
  6. The student will know how to use RSS feeds and linking to add content to the website.

I have thought about adding Social Bookmarking and Twitter. But this may go beyond the scope of the course, especially educator-students who teach K-12.

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