A WebQuest or a Regular Assignment?

I created a WebQuest as a workshop activity for professional development. And when I finished, I realized that it was very much like an assignment in a class! The WebQuest goes something like this:

  1. The “teacher” gives some background knowledge.
  2. Then we are given something to do, a task in WebQuest language.
  3. Sometimes we are given a procedure on how to accomplish our task.
  4. Then we often directed to some links to read more about the subject and perhaps some additional reading materials to download.

Except for building a website to house the lesson plan, a WebQuest looks pretty much like an assignment!

Given the amount of work that goes into a WebQuest, and the fact that it looks very much like a lesson plan, should a website be added to the assignment or is it just busy work? I admit that I like a finished project to look professional and refined. A website can certainly do that. And I might not have created the website if I short on time. Too much to do and too little time.

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