Today while I was looking for some developmental math tutorials, I stumbled upon hippocampus.org. HippoCampus delivers high-quality academic instructional videos and exercises for students in middle school and high school. I was very impressed. The math tutorials I watched not only were high quality, the videos also linked the content to real world applications. So these videos are equally suitable for adults. You can’t embed the content and share the videos among other instructors without a license, but you can use them free with your students. Those students who sign up can create playlists, customize the site according to the subject and textbooks, etc.

For more information, see hippocampus.org.

  • PULL content from HippoCampus or across the web into custom Playlists
  • CUSTOMIZE the site to your subject and textbook
  • ADD a textbook correlation if your textbook isn’t in the current list
  • SHARE your customized HippoCampus site and Playlists with your students

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