This week I am learning a new software program called Adobe Captivate. I’m learning this software for two reasons.

  1. I see it as a skill listed in the “want ads” for instructional technologists.
  2. I am doing learning it so that I can do a project for my Computer Applications in Education Class, Student Choice 1.

For this project I am supposed to find and evaluate educational software that is available for purchase and convince my boss to purchase it. Then I am supposed to learn two techniques and show I know how to do them. Since I have never used or heard of this program before this week, showing two new techniques shouldn’t be too difficult.

What I plan to do is to make a slide show of projects I created in my Visual Design class (taken last summer). In my slide show I want to encourage those who have not taken the class to take it.

When this project is finished, I will provide a link so it can be viewed from here.

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